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On July 8, 2018, China Construction Expo, known as "the first exhibition of Asian Building Materials Exhibition", opened in Guangzhou Canton Fair Pavilion and Poly World Trade Exposition Hall for four days. During the four days, thousands of enterprises gathered here. Hundreds of thousands of spectators staged a feast of gluttony in the construction industry, with an exhibition area of 400,000 square meters. Square meters are the most important in the history of the Expo.


As the leader of China's rapid takeover, it is imperative to launch a piping system innovation explosion with Weimeng A2 Series, Simple A4 Series and a new generation of super-energy A6 Series at the China Construction Expo, leading the next future of the piping system with scientific and rigorous rapid takeover technology.

Exhibition Hall No. 56 is located in Pavilion 13.1, Area B. When you enter the exhibition hall, you can clearly feel the popularity of Exhibition Hall No. 56. On-site consultation is very popular. Everyone in the industry highly appreciates and approves the technology of Exhibition Hall No. 56. However, many people in the industry do not know that such a versatile connection does not need hot melting or glue. The direct plug-in fast connection is amazing, but the families of Bi Quick also spare no effort to introduce Bi Quick fast connection products to distributors and pipeline engineers. We will continue to promote Bi Quick fast connection technology.

Since it is necessary to launch the first shot in China in 2010, it is necessary to uphold the brand strategy and management concept of "specialty, refinement, new and fast", disseminate the brand personality of "fast, rigorous and safe", change the use habits of Chinese pipelines, and enhance the overall efficiency of the pipeline industry as the mission of development. We will continue to concentrate on R&D and innovation in the field of fast-track pipeline. Through high-quality fast-track pipeline products and services, we will forge ahead and become the leading brand of China's fast-track pipeline.


Spedcast New Brand Image at Shanghai International Fisheries Exhibition

source:Industry News

Release time:2018-08-01

On July 25, the Spedcast Pipeline System held a new product launch in 2018 with the theme of "Endless Enterprisers" at the scenic Jiulong Lake in Zhejiang Province. IBP Group senior officials came to the scene and gathered with representatives of partners from all over the world to witness this moment. Since then, the fast pipeline system will enter the Chinese market in all directions!

The group's top management and some partners have witnessed the amazing appearance of Banigo's stainless steel pipeline system. Banigo stainless steel pipeline system has the advantages of "smooth inner wall, not easy to scale" and strong bacteriostasis ability. In order to pursue a more extreme user experience, Banigo is in the world leading level in product design and system application through continuous research and development, continuous breakthroughs and progress, and technological innovation.

In order to meet the market demand, Banigo released the jammed stainless steel pipeline system to optimize the German O-ring technology to enhance the sealing of the overall pipeline system. A professional leak-proof clasp is designed on the fittings to avoid the phenomenon of leak-proof clasp in the installation process. Cooperate with the existing product series of Banigo Pipeline System to provide a comprehensive system solution for different needs of users. It is necessary to quickly combine advanced concepts with scientific design to provide unlimited possibilities for users'safe and comfortable pipeline needs.

In response, Mr. Wu Long, general manager of IBP China, said: With the full development of China's market operation, it is imperative to introduce more world-class leading products and provide more choices for Chinese users. Improve the product system from three aspects of technology, accessories, construction, professional achievements in the future, win the recognition of users. China will become the world's economic center. In the future, China will become the global strategic focus of IBP Group. It is necessary to quickly build a construction pipeline system around the green, safe and comfortable industrial chain to lead the industrial development.